December 19, 2018


Cemar designs, tests and manufactures machinery for processing marble and granite, committed to creating that crucial added value that ensures all-round quality. Not just a single requisite, but the whole product and its performance have been conceived to provide innovative content. This key approach, as well as guaranteeing the working precision of each mechanical component also translates into state-of-the-art internal electronics and design choices that perfectly balance aesthetics and functional qualities. The company’s mission, however, reaches even further: the company’s experience and expertise are such that products can be customized, with the technical specifications requested by the Client. Custom-made products […]
December 19, 2018


COMES works in all of the world’s markets in marble and granite as well as in ceramics; it is known as a centre of excellence and works with all the leading manufacturers of granite-processing machinery.
 COMES Mechanical Engineering. Comes provide 5 Bricks, 6 Bricks and 8 Bricks heads. We are the authorized dealer of Comes. We have 100 Heads as ready stock.
December 19, 2018


These are the Chinese head which are best in quality as compare to other Chinese heads. We are ready to supply you with top quality products, timely delivery, and superior service. If you are interested in any of our products lines please contact us for further information. We hope to build a successful business relationship with you in the future. It provide 4 Bricks and 6 Bricks heads. We have 50 Heads as ready stock for meet up the requirement.